Financial Aid and Employment Opportunities

Information on tuition, registration student services, etc. can be found online at RIT offers various forms of financial aid for graduate students.

The Department of Information Sciences and Technologies awards partial tuition merit scholarships each year. Merit scholarships are based on the applicant’s application, including grades, courses taken, university attended, and letters of recommendation and GRE scores.

The department employs several graduate students as Graduate Assistants. Assistantships offer a scholarship and provide an hourly wage based on 20 hours of work. The amount of the scholarship varies up to full tuition and depends on departmental needs and the applicant’s qualifications. We require very specific skills for these assignments as well as in-person interviews. We make Graduate Assistantship assignments throughout the academic year for the following Fall, although openings may unexpectedly occur. If you wish to be considered for an assistantship, please make sure that we have received your full application by March 1st of the preceding school year if you are applying for Fall admission.